FLOREX -- The Florida State Stamp Show is sponsored by the Florida Stamp Dealers' Association.

The show for 2020 is CANCELLED.

The year was 1949.  The first FLOREX event was held – to call it a show in terms of the modern definition would be a bit of a stretch as it was no more than a group of collectors meeting to share their collections.  For the next 70 years the show happened like a philatelic-heartbeat, with wide ranging support from Florida clubs, dealers from far-and-wide and of course the public. 

Then 2020 happened.  In the beginning of September, it was thought the show would happen, albeit with extraordinary precautions to protect the staff, dealers and public.  By September 15 we had nearly 100 frames committed for the show.  Then a series of “things” happened that individually were not horrible, but together were insurmountable.

A show like FLOREX has only one revenue source to cover all the expenses.  That is of course the dealer booth fees.  Exhibit frames do not generate income, but rather are a negative as the judges, labor and all other related expenses must be covered from the general fund used to run the show.

Confirmed booth holder support became tenuous as efforts were made to verify dealer participation in the show.  There simply was no way to cover the financial end of the show with over one quarter of my expected dealers saying “no” – or maybe. 

As painful as it is to cancel the show – there is simply no other option.  We can look forward to FLOREX 2021 and the hope that some degree of normal returns. 

Be well, be safe and above all else be kind.

Francis Ferguson, FLOREX General Chairman