09.07.23 8:10pm Exhibit frames for 2023 are sold out.

08.29.23 8:00pm Exhibit frames for 2023 are sold out. Standby applications will be accepted for a limited number of frames.

08.27.23 5:55pm Pictures added for 2019-2022.

08.25.23 9:44am Exhibit count & preliminary dealer list posted. Cachet information updated..

05.23.23 7:25pm Host hotel information posted in HOTEL section.

05.21.23 11:30am Exhibit forms posted in EXHIBITS section.

05.05.23 7:45pm Updated Judges list, and Press Info.

01.02.23 4:45pm Updated information for 2023.

12.07.22 8:15pm Cachet cancel information updated.

12.04.22 6:30pm FLOREX 2022 Palmares posted. Site cleanup for 2023 started.