10.20.17 6:45pm The exhibit space for 2017 is now closed.

10.18.17 7:55pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

10.10.17 7:00pm Updated EXHIBITS section & Dealers information.

10.02.17 6:20pm Updated EXHIBITS section & Dealers posted along with material list.

09.30.17 4:30pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

09.29.17 4:15pm Updated EXHIBITS section; 1/2 sold, also updated Judged list (Exhbits Section) to add apprentice.

09.24.17 5:45pm Added ATA Roundtable Discussion (see EVENTS), updated EXHIBITS and DEALERS sections.

09.20.17 6:45pm Added APS Town Hall on Friday (see EVENTS) added APS Eductional Session (home page).

09.07.17 3:00pm Updated EXHIBITS section; we are now over 1/3 sold.

09.04.17 6:00pm Added the show layout for 2017.

08.30.17 9:00pm Updated EXHIBITS section; approaching 1/3 sold.

08.25.17 7:30pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

08.21.17 6:30pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

08.13.17 4:00pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

08.10.17 5:00pm Added items to history section.

08.06.17 3:30pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

07.26.17 6:30pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

07.19.17 2:45pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

06.04.17 6:45pm Updated EXHIBITS section.

05.30.17 6:00pm Updated HOTEL and EXHIBITS sections.

05.17.17 6:30pm Updated Society information and EVENTS sections.

04.14.17 1:00pm Added Palmares from 1999 to history section.

03.19.17 12:30pm Updated hotel information.

02.27.17 6:55pm Updated judging information and info release.

01.15.17 12:10pm History/covers, cachet & Pictures 2016 sections updated.

12.17.16 6:30pm Cachet ordering information updated.

12.11.16 9:30am General updates for 2017 started.

12.04.16 5:40am Palmares added to the EXHIBIT Section.